November 05, 2012

NFL Odds, Week 8: Around the League

This picking winners ATS circus needed a turnaround, that of which the New Orleans Saints are looking to embark upon, so why wouldn’t I include them last week as one of three sure things? They’re all sure things before a ball’s been kicked/thrown/run and last week I couldn’t possibly lose. Hell, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees had my back as did...the Buffalo Bills. 

Chris Johnson racked up too many yards to fit on to this line at a laughable 10.8 yards per carry and down the swanny went my three timer. Buffalo really was a gimme -3, but who knows when Johnson will actually feel like running for more than 1.6 YPC on any given...Sunday, isn’t it?

NFL Odds, Week 8: Seattle Seahawks @ Detroit Lions

What would the odds have been on that second ranked passing offense having Calvin Johnson with a solitary touchdown to his name? You would have been able to make up your own odds. Go away quietly now son, this ain’t no time to be fooling with the oddsmakers. It ain’t gonna happen so have whatever price you like. And just like that we all fattened our pockets on the Matthew Stafford to Johnson conduit becoming as clogged as a hardening artery.

NFL Odds, Week 7: Around the League

I have to begin this post by being honest. I’m 1-6 in my last seven picks. I did start 10-3 though, so we’re still showing a small profit on the season. I could list the excuses or the reasons why, but that only looks like sour grapes.

NFL Odds, Week 7: Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers

Seattle are proving impossible to bet against whenever they’re the underdog this season. However, as promising a trend as that’s becoming, this week may prove to be a little different. To get the nuts and bolts out of the way, the Seahawks are available +7.5; the hometown 49ers can be backed -6.5.

NFL Odds, Week 6: Around the League

I’m beginning to wish I wasn’t so hooked on picking teams against the spread. Having been sitting pretty with a 10-3 record as Week 4 came to a close, I’m now 10-7, on a four game skid, including 0-3 last week. Last week...hmmm. 

Cleveland decided to go against type against the Giants in New Jersey. They were 3-0 ATS this season when available with at least a seven point start. The ten points on offer last week looked too good to be true. Turns out it was.

NFL Odds, Week 6: New England Patriots @ Seattle Seahawks

Are there three reasons to bet against Brady this week? You bet your life there is.

NFL Odds, Week 5: Around the League

The outcome of Monday Night Football last week was a bittersweet result for me. I had pushed my record ATS to 10-3 on the season when New England did the biggest number on the Bills in Buffalo during an otherworldly second half performance and Minnesota easily covered in Detroit when given 4.5 points against the Lions.
Dallas looked extremely good -3 at home to Chicago and still do bar Tony Romo throwing five picks, two being returned for touchdowns. However, how bad could it be? I can still boast a 10-4 record after four weeks and I backed the Bears to win this thing outright at 33/1 back in August so I was glad they made a statement, particularly after their demoralising loss in Green Bay in Week 2.

Last week was tough to predict, which is why I only went with three picks. Let’s see what spreads are available in Week 5 and where the potential betting gems lay.

NFL Odds, Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers

That Carolina should have left the Georgia Dome last week with the W in their back pocket, just ten days after a public flogging at the hands of a depleted New York Giants team (on home turf, no less) tells you all you need to know about placing your hard earned on the Panthers. So, why do I have a strong fancy for them this week? Some sportsbooks are asking the home team to win by just a field goal in order to cover, available as they are -2.5.

NFL Odds, Week 4: Around the League

And there was I doing so well. Well, I still am, if I may be so bold as to say so, but 6-1 looks so much better than 8-3, which is my record ATS after three weeks of what has been an already unforgettable season; particularly unforgettable in Seattle and Green Bay.

NFL Odds, Week 4: Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams


Being awake at 4:50 a.m. during the working week is strangely liberating. Being awake at 4:50 a.m. during the working week with adrenalin coursing through your veins is worrisome. You almost have to resign yourself to the day beginning right there, right then. It’s what I had to accept this past Tuesday morning after the Seahawks were awarded the game against the Packers.