June 10, 2012

Chicago Bears represent tremendous early value

I make Matt Millen right. Walter Cherepinsky will be mad. Not just mad. Really mad. Really, really mad. I’m well versed in recognising the special love that ol’ Walt reserves for Millen, but on this one, Matt’s right. Really right. Really, really right.

Seattle Seahawks to finish 9-7 in 2012

When news broke that Matt Flynn was going to sign for either the Seahawks or the Dolphins, I remember being curious as to how the choice may have been viewed in Vegas. At first blush, it looked as though Flynn had no choice to make at all as Joe Philbin, Flynn’s former offensive coordinator in Green Bay, had just been anointed the Big Fish in Miami. Unfortunately, for such a glamorous franchise, it is an ever decreasing pond at Sun Life Stadium, but Flynn would’ve been instantly familiar with the playbook and it was difficult not to imagine him being placed atop the depth chart before the ink on his contract had dried.

The intangible, the beautiful leveller

Following my recent posting of the spread/line available for each Seahawks game (barring Week 17) of the forthcoming 2012 season, it’s easy to see why, based on Seattle being the underdog for ten games of the sixteen with Cantor Gaming, a 6-10 season is all there is to look forward to in the Pacific Northwest this year; the only real gimme on the schedule is, in my opinion, the visit of Minnesota.